ZX81 Software, Books and Hardware Collection

This web site contains my own collection of ZX81 and TS1000 software, hardware and books.
There is information about all the items, including inlay and instruction scans, screenshots, listings and the programs themselves.

There are now over 500 different ZX81 software titles listed.

Update: you can now run all of the programs within your browser - just click on the "Play" button next to the track to launch the JtyOne emulator applet.

Contents of this Site
QS Scramble cassette inlay About this site, including updates. Last Update 09 November 2014.
Forty Niner cassette inlay Click here to view the collection (using frames).
Mazogs cassette inlay Click here for the non-frames ZX81 tape index;
or click here for the ZX81 tape thumbnail index.
Advanced Programming book cover There are also non-frames versions of the ZX81 books index, ZX81 hardware index, ZX81 publisher index,
and a full index of the ZX81 tapes.
3D monster maze cassette inlay I have generated a in index of MIA Tapes, Hardware and Books, i.e. those that are known to exist, or at least mentioned in relevant sources, that are not in the collection.
3D Defender cassette inlay My ZX81 Tape Converter allows you to convert between real cassettes and files that can be used in an emulator.
The JtyOne ZX80/ZX81 emulator is a full-function emulator I have written in Java that is used as an applet on these web pages.
I also have some ZX Spectrum stuff: a screensaver and a Hama beads Loading Screen.
Super Glooper cassette inlay ZX81 Software and hardware wanted, and for sale or trade
ZX81-related links.
Sabotage cassette inlay

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